Don’t miss out on the power of sacred plants this April!




Experience the 7-day transformation of a lifetime at the ultimate Ayahuasca retreat in the healing heart of the Colombian Andes, where ancient traditions meet eco-friendly 5-star luxury and state-of-the-art facilities.

Unlock the Healing Power of Ancient Plant Medicine in the Sanctuary of the Colombian Andes Mountains

Escape from the toxic chaos of everyday life and immerse yourself in our sacred 20-acre nature haven, where self-healing, rejuvenation, and personal growth are nurtured within a private, intimate atmosphere. Guided by experienced Shamans, you’ll harness the healing synergy of a purified body and spirit.

Rediscover mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual equilibrium through our innovative therapies and facilities, supporting your inner journey from the head to the heart. Our exclusive retreat extends beyond the ceremonies with an array of rejuvenating amenities, including a tranquil infinity pool and jacuzzi, an invigorating ice bath, mindful activities, and a mesmerizing fire pit, providing an unparalleled experience for those seeking self-transformation and renewal. 

In addition to our unmatched luxurious facilities, you’ll indulge in a 5-star farm-to-table clean and nutritious menu crafted by our world-leading chefs, along with a private and inclusive shuttle service from the airport for optimal comfort and convenience.

Our Signature
Ayahuasca retreat

Join us for the transformative  Ayahuasca 7-day experience of a lifetime at our luxury retreat in the healing heart of the Andes.


At Mountains of Hope, you’ll discover spaciously designed, 5-star eco-accommodations elegantly furnished for individuals, couples, and groups seeking to escape from the noise and distractions of everyday life. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a peaceful getaway, organizing a corporate event, or seeking a rejuvenating experience, we offer the perfect personalized solution to satisfy your unique needs.

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Ignite Profound Transformation in Harmony with Nature

At Mountains of Hope, a profound life-awakening experience awaits you. Explore the healing potential of Ayahuasca to elevate your consciousness and open your heart on the ultimate journey of self-discovery.

Amidst the awe-inspiring natural surrounding scenery and our tranquil walking trails, immerse yourself in our meditative 12th Century Labyrinth and enjoy unlimited access to our fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, PEMF devices, and much more. 

To further ensure your wellbeing, we offer a personalized integration course, post-retreat integration calls, medical support, Holotropic Breathwork, a unique 1:1 consultation with you and our shaman. Experience a purging day featuring Kambo or Azuwactoto – powerful traditional purgatives from the jungle to cleanse and purify the whole body. 

Additionally, engage in a free consultation with our skilled psychologist, complemented by an intention-setting circle and three sharing circles to enhance your spiritual exploration and provide optimal support on your path to rebalancing the mind-body connection.

Contact us today for your free consultations and take your first step toward the transformative experience of a lifetime!


The path to healing begins with cleansing the body of harmful toxins that invade our lives despite our best efforts to avoid them. They infiltrate our diets through processed, nutrient-deficient foods, contaminate our water supply, and enter our lungs through the polluted air we breathe.


The disruption caused by stress and toxins negatively impacts our gut health, impairing nutrient absorption and compromising overall wellbeing and immunity. By prioritizing optimal nutrition and mindfulness, we can overcome malabsorption issues, allowing the body to function at its peak efficiency.


Our lives face relentless challenges of chronic stress and unhealed trauma.  Continuous technological distractions disrupt our focus and inner peace, while the media inundates us with fears of inflation, conflict, and life-threatening health concerns. Lingering social isolation from the pandemic further fuels this unresolved trauma.

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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy is a bestselling author, speaker, coach, and consultant deeply devoted to empowering individuals worldwide to realize their deepest aspirations.  His highly acclaimed book, “Love Unfiltered,” soared to become a bestseller upon its release in September 2014, showcasing his visionary perspective.

As President and Owner of the Oakland Automotive Group for nearly two decades, Mike demonstrates astute business leadership, leveraging his successful multi-million dollar ventures in auto dealerships and commercial real estate.

Driven by profound personal loss, Mike founded the Love from Margot Foundation.  This heartfelt initiative emerged from Margot Murphy’s courageous battle against advanced breast cancer, which sadly ended in 2011 at the age of 38.

Fueled by a passion to help others heal themselves and to revolutionize healing, Mike established the hidden 20-acre gem, Mountains of Hope, in the Andes mountains of Colombia.  This holistic sanctuary for transformative healing emerged from his personal health challenges, including battling mercury poisoning, driving him to offer effective, high-quality therapies.

For Mike Murphy, Mountains of Hope symbolizes a sanctuary where individuals can rediscover health, shed toxins, and embrace holistic well-being through a journey of wholehearted living.

Accommodation Options at Mountains of Hope

Main House
(Single Occupancy Oversized King Room)

The primary bedroom of the main house is an oversized room perfect for a couple. Contains one King bed, extra large bathroom with Jacuzzi tub and steam shower, and large outside patio area.

Main House
(Double Occupancy Queen Beds Ground Floor)

The four other bedrooms in the main house are perfect if you want to bring a friend or be paired up with a roommate. Each one has two Queen beds.

Main House
(Double Occupancy Queen Beds with Balcony)

The four other bedrooms in the main house are perfect if you want to bring a friend or be paired up with a roommate. Each one has two Queen beds, and the two upstairs rooms have Juliet balconies.

Guest House
(Single Occupancy King Bed with View)

Our standard rooms are just outside the main house surrounded by our beautiful grounds, and they are perfect for single occupancy or couples. Each has a King bed and private bath.

Guest House
(Single Occupancy King Bed)

Our standard rooms are just outside the main house surrounded by our beautiful grounds, and they are perfect for single occupancy or couples. Each has a King bed and private bath.

Guest House
(Single Occupancy Queen Bed with Patio)

Two smaller rooms, both with Queen beds and private baths. Perfect for singles on a budget, starting as low as $499 per night for your all-inclusive retreat.