Yage & Inipi

Join Us December 10th & 11th

Jorge Gutierrez (Medicine Man INACS)

Ceremony (Yage/Ayahuasca)

5pm – Friday – Dec 10
$125 USD / 450,000 COP


10am – Saturday

Sweat Lodge Ceremony (inipi)

12pm – Saturday – Dec 11

Call/WhatsApp +1 510-919-4024  

email: contact@mountainsofhope.com

Montañas de Esperanza 
Transformation Health Retreat
Pozo Rubio, Rionegro


Preparation Diet ("Dieta")

Requirements and recommendations

If you have any special medical condition (treatment or medication you are taking) you must inform us, to see if there are no contraindications and take care of your well-being. People who are intoxicated, weapons or with drug influences are not allowed.

Women in menstruation moon, refrain from attending the ceremony. To know more, ask us for information about it.

We provide a mat and blanket, but you must bring a jacket or buso, a hat and if you want a cushion or pillow for your comfort.

You must be at the location by 5 pm for your registration and location.

The diet during the week before the ceremony should be as healthy as possible, eliminate food with saturated fat, soda, fried, etc. Include lots of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Two (2) days before stop garlic, spicy food and dairy. Other additional recommendations:

• Light food during the week prior to the meeting, free of red meat whenever possible, it is better to eat chicken or fish, it is not mandatory.

• Avoid citrus fruits, dairy, alcoholic beverages, irritating or heavy foods, it is recommended to consume fruit and water.

About the ceremony

• Be clear about your personal purpose for attending the ceremony, make it a voluntary and conscious process.

• In the process you may experience vomiting, nausea, dizziness, normal sanitary needs, we recommend bringing clothing for the return in case a change becomes necessary.

• Bring comfortable, warm clothes and shoes, although the site is covered, you experience cold within the process, therefore something to keep warm, blanket, jacket, poncho, etc. is recommended.

• If you are driving be prepared to have a good rest without rushing, until you feel good to drive, usually around noon the group leaves the site.

• For the next morning you can consume fruits, aromatics, water and preferably eat light meals, devote yourself to rest calmly and reflect on your process.

• Important recommendation: If you have Covid symptoms or contact with suspicious Covid people, please refrain from attending.

Requerimientos y recomendacionesa

Si tienes alguna condición médica especial (tratamiento o medicamento que estés tomando) nos lo debes informar, para ver si no existen contra indicaciones y cuidar de tu bienestar. No se admiten personas en estado de ebriedad, armas o con influencias de drogas.

Las mujeres en Luna menstruación, abstenerse de asistir a la ceremonia. Para saber más solicítanos información al respecto.

Nosotros proporcionamos colchoneta y cobija, pero debes llevar chaqueta o buso, gorro y si deseas un cojín o almohada para tu comodidad.

Debes estar en el lugar a las ____ para tu registro y ubicación.

La alimentación durante la semana antes de la ceremonia deberá ser lo más saludable posible, eliminar comida con grasa saturada, gaseosas, fritos, etc. Incluir muchas, frutas, vegetales y granos. Dos (2) días antes suspender ajo, comida picante y lácteos. Otras recomendaciones adicionales:

• Comida liviana durante la semana previa al encuentro, en lo posible libre de carnes rojas, es mejor comer pollo o pescado, no es obligatorio.

• Evitar cítricos, lácteos, bebidas alcohólicas, comidas irritantes o pesadas, se recomienda consumir fruta y agua.  

Acerca de la ceremonia

• Tener claridad en tu propósito personal para asistir a la ceremonia , que sea un proceso voluntario y consciente.

• En el proceso puede experimentar vómito, náuseas, mareo, necesidades sanitarias normales, recomendamos traer ropa para el regreso por si llegase a ser necesario un cambio.

• Traer ropa y calzado cómodo, abrigado aunque el sitio es cubierto,  se experimenta frío dentro del proceso, por lo tanto es recomendado algo para abrigarse, manta, chaqueta, poncho, etc.

• Si conduce estar preparado para tener un buen descanso sin prisa, hasta que se sienta bien para manejar, generalmente cerca al medio día el grupo se retira del sitio. 

• Para la mañana siguiente se pueden consumir frutas, aromáticas, agua y preferiblemente consumir comidas livianas, dedicarse a descansar con tranquilidad y reflexionar sobre su proceso. 

• Recomendación importante: Si presenta sintomatología Covid   o contacto con personas sospechosas Covid favor abstenerse de asistir.

Yage / Ayahuasca 

Ayahuasca — also known as the tea, the vine, and la purga — is a brew made from the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub along with the stalks of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, though other plants and ingredients can be added as well (1Trusted Source). 

This drink was used for spiritual and religious purposes by ancient Amazonian tribes and is still used as a sacred beverage by some religious communities. Typical effects include visual hallucinations, euphoria, paranoia, and vomiting.

Before partaking in an Ayahuasca ceremony, it’s recommended that participants abstain from cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sex, and caffeine to purify their bodies.

After consuming the Ayahuasca, most people start to feel its effects within 20–60 minutes. The effects are dose-dependent, and the trip can last 2–6 hours

People react to Ayahuasca differently. Some experience euphoria and a feeling of enlightenment, while others go through severe anxiety and panic. It’s not uncommon for those taking Ayahuasca to experience both positive and negative effects from the brew.

The shaman and others who are experienced in Ayahuasca offer spiritual guidance to participants throughout the Ayahuasca experience and monitor participants for safety. Some retreats have medical staff on hand as well, in case of emergencies.

The main active ingredients in Ayahuasca have been shown to exhibit neuroprotective and neurorestorative qualities in some studies,  been found to have anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and memory-boosting effects in test-tube and animal studies, and have been observed to increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that plays an important role in nerve cell growth and promotes nerve cell survival (6Trusted Source).

Research has shown that taking Ayahuasca may increase the mindfulness capacity of your brain and improve your overall psychological well-being.

Inipi "Temazcal" (Sweatlodge)

This is a powerful ceremony of purification, healing and prayer.

Is a ceremony to purify our bodies and minds, it’s origins come from the Sacred Rituals of the Indigenous Native Americans. 

Inipi comes from the word lakota “iniunkajaktelo” which means “let’s pray to the sweat lodge.” 

In Mesoamérica it is known as Temazcal, its name comes from the language Náhuatl, where “temaz” means steam and “calli, house” which would be translated to “steam house”.

We pray with the presence of fire, water, earth and wind, the Inipi is made of branches which bend nicely to form a structure as a dome, inside of this there is a whole where the stones (grandmothers) will be placed after been heated on the fire (grandpa) outside the Inipi.

When the stones are brought in, herbs are placed on top of them in a sacred way as well as the water which then produces steam making the body sweat.

There are four “doors” or segments to the ceremony, meaning that the door is opened four times to allow new stones and more water to be brought in

The lodge represents all of creation and the womb of our Mother Earth.

The Inipi or Temazcal is a powerful therapy for the treatment of several illnesses and diseases. It provides benefits and improvements to the lymphatic and circulatory system, it also cleans and purifies the bodies, respiratory system and nervous system.

We are thankful for the Indigenous Ancestral Culture for this legacy that we will try to keep preserved and not forgotten. AHO!

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