The Process (Apply)

The Process

Apply. Attend. Graduate.

A unique and powerful 5-pronged approach to total health and transformation of the body, mind, heart and soul. We believe all aspects of health are interconnected; so our retreat takes a holistic approach to healing the body. Through 21 days of physical detox, education, physical activity, spirituality, and play, your body will experience a cleansing rejuvenation like never before.

1. Apply

We Need To Know Your Committed

There is an application process prior to potential attendees being invited to experience our 21-day healing retreat. We will require a blood test, heavy metals test and a medical clearance from a physician in order to attend the retreat. There will be some mental and emotional testing sent to applicants to make sure that Mountains Of Hope is a good fit for them. A complete evaluation process will be done on each applicant prior to their arrival. Every attendee will receive a copy of The Creation Frequency book as well as access to the online course. We encourage attendees to come with at least one intention written out  and recorded on The Creation Frequency Transmitter for what they want to accomplish during their time with us. 

There is some required preparation work prior to the arrival of all attendees so that upon arrival we can start the work. We’re not going to waste any time. We’re going to pour everything we have into your life and making your life everything you want it to be.

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2. Arriving in colombia

We're Going To Hit The Ground Running

Once attendees arrive they will be picked up from the airport, which is a 1- minute drive from Mountains Of Hope. Once you arrive on-site you will be shown the grounds as well as your accommodations for your stay. 

After you have settled in it will be arranged for you to have your blood drawn and there will be an analysis of the draw to see where the problems and issues internally that need to be worked on during your stay. 

Each attendee will have a photo taken of their aura on day 1, 10 and again on day 21 to be able to see what they are giving off electromagnetically. This will be repeated to track each attendees progress and change throughout their stay. 

Attendees will also be able to have an initial consultation with our doctor and psychologist, as well as  have a exam and consultation with the dentist. 

Day 1 will be busy. The staff needs to get a baseline of each individual. We want to see what showed up, who you are, and how to measure your progress. All of this is to ensure the best progress for you during your stay at Mountains Of Hope.

3. What to expect

A Typical Day At Mountains Of Hope

A typical day at Mountains of Hope, Monday through Friday will look like this:

6:45 am: Meet in the Yoga room to greet each other and the day. There will be some light stretching and breathwork, sound healing and meditation followed by some time for journaling. (this is all fluid and will change depending on the needs of the group and clients). 

8:00am – 9:00am: Daily check in with the nurse or doctor. Vitals check and a general check in of where you are at.

9:00am – 10:00am:  Education

10:00am – 7:00pm: Free Time, there are many activities to enjoy. Volleyball, pickleball, infrared  sauna, cond-water plunge, massage and many more things to choose from, or you can just relax, hang out in your room or the garden. Whatever you feel you need to do to take care of yourself we want you to be able to do that.

7:00pm: Group gathers together for a Q&A on whatever subject we went over in the education portion of the day. 

 We end the day with a beautiful meditation that’s conducive to sleep, to manifestation and to healing.

4. Graduation

Celebrating Your Successes and Journey

The final Saturday night, we have a graduation ceremony. A celebration for everyone that has been through these 21 days of transformation, it won’t be easy. This is for people that are serious about taking their life and health to another level of excellence and healing. We want to celebrate the journey that you have been on and where you are going.

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