Our Staff

We are honored to introduce a team of compassionate experts, each bringing unparalleled knowledge and healing practices from around the world. Together, we are committed to guiding and supporting your journey towards profound health and wellness at every step.


General Manager

Marcela, our accomplished General Manager, holds an MD and brings a wealth of experience from her 10-year career as a TV host. Specializing in nutrition, she is also an amazing cook who brings her culinary skills to the table.



Ramon has been the diligent guardian of our property at MOH for 8 years. He ensures everything runs smoothly. An interesting fact? Ramon is famous for his delicious beans with rice.



Hector has been with MOH for a year, expertly handling all maintenance tasks to keep our facilities in top shape. When he's not hard at work, you'll find him passionately watching football.



Carlos oversees our farm, ensuring our fruits and vegetables are perfectly nourished. Outside of his green thumb duties, he loves riding his bike and exploring the outdoors.

Jose Ivan


Although a recent addition, with just 2 months at MOH, Jose Ivan has quickly become an integral part of our gardening team. He enjoys the tranquility of bird watching in his spare time.

Carlos Andres

Head of Maintenance

Carlos Andres, our versatile handyman, has been with MOH for almost a year. There’s no task too big or small for him to handle. His can-do attitude and problem-solving skills make him invaluable.



With 2 months at MOH, Gilberto has already made a mark with his dedication to our gardens. A biking enthusiast, he loves to explore the town on his bike when he's not at work.

Diana Camila

Functional Nurse

Diana Camila has been a part of the MOH family for over 2 months. She brings care and compassion to her role as a functional nurse. Fun fact: she is a cat mom, and is looking for another kitty addition to her family.

Ana Milena

Integrative Medicine Doctor

Ana Milena, our integrative medicine doctor, is dedicated to holistic healing. She’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a certification in psychedelic therapies.


Head of Operations

Natalia, our vibrant Head of Operations, is the heart of our team. Known for her outgoing nature, she's also studying to become a psychologist, balancing her duties and studies with ease.


Hotel Manager

Jakeline brings over 8 years of expertise in the hotel industry to her role as our hotel manager. She’s not only a skilled manager but also an excellent chef, delighting us with her culinary talents


Guest Advocate

Valentina has been advocating for our guests for 8 months, ensuring their needs are met with grace. Multilingual and warm, she speaks Portuguese fluently and is a proud owner of a dog and two cats.


Communications Specialist

Pablo is our go-to guy for all things communications, from podcast production to marketing strategies. His passion for cameras and visual storytelling is evident in everything he does.



Leidis, a vibrant member of our housekeeping team, is known for her lively spirit and infectious energy. She truly is the life of the party, bringing joy and enthusiasm wherever she goes.



Emily may be quiet at first, but once you get to know her, you'll find she's incredibly kind and thoughtful. Her calm and gentle demeanor make her a cherished part of our housekeeping team.


Loyal Companion

Manchas is the kindest dog you’ll ever meet. She is inseparable from her best friend Lola, and together, they brighten everyone's day at MOH.


Orange and Avocado Keeper

Lola takes her role of Orange & Avocado Keeper very seriously. This playful pup is always seen with one of these fruits in her mouth, ready for her next adventure.


Mischief Maker

Mylo is the baby of our furry family and the resident troublemaker. His playful antics and love for making new friends make him an adorable and lovable character at MOH.


Tiny Protector

Don’t let her size fool you! Pinky, the tiniest dog of the family, has the heart of a Doberman. Best friends with Mylo, she is always ready for their next escapade and stands guard with fearless spirit.

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