In 2011, Mike Murphy lost his wife Margot to breast cancer. A couple months after her death, he met a woman name Amanda with the same type of cancer, after helping her with her treatment and after she passed away, he thought that western medicine wasn’t enough to cure diseases.

He started thinking about how he could help people that wanted to get treatment and heal using a more integrative and holistic approach.

In 2015 he decided to go to this magical country and found the perfect place and purchased the land; what we now call Mountains of Hope, but the project couldn’t start immediately. He met his new wife in 2017 and together they began working on this project and building the best detox retreat center in the world.

Mountains of Hope has a 5-pronged approach for total transformation, going from the inside to the outside of the body. The owners philosophy is that any disease, from cancer, diabetes, arthritis to heart disease all need to be attacked from every angle, also that we are what we eat, how we move and what we think. That’s why at Mountains of Hope the clients will learn how to reprogram their bodies and mind, to start a new life and help facilitate the healing process.

About The Love From Margot Foundation

Providing Compassions For Those Suffering

The Love from Margot Foundation gives financial, medical, and spiritual support to low-income and under-insured women who have been diagnosed with a woman’s cancer in the San Francisco Bay Area and whom are struggling to make ends meet while undergoing treatment or are on the road to recovery.

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