Here at Mountains Of Hope, we believe that food is your most powerful form of natural medicine and healing.

Drawing on ancient wisdom combined with modern medical research, our vibrant menu offers you delicious dishes close to their original state – fresh, seasonal & organic produce free from additives or preservatives for optimal health benefits!

Our gentle cooking methods preserve the vital nutrients, vitamins & minerals which act as a powerhouse remedy to help nourish the body and spirit; so you can reawaken your vitality.


Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

The foundation of good health begins with the food you eat, which is why healthful nutrition is such an integral part of the your holistic healing journey here at Mountains Of Hope.

At Mountains Of Hope we have created a colorful healthy menu that us based on principles derived from ancient healing traditions, combined with current medical research. In line with that we understand that food is most healing when it is close to its original state using fresh, seasonal and organic produce, avoiding processed foods, additives and preservatives altogether. Our cooking methods are gentle in order to preserve the wealth of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that provide pure sources of natural medicine, vital for optimal health.


Principles For Mountains Of Hope Nutrition

At Mountains of Hope, guests are guided and supported to make healthy lifestyle choices, but we believe in the power of individual choice to create a personally meaningful wellness experience.

Our expansive selection features delightful treats like chocolate mousse and fine wines with health-promoting benefits with low alcohol content-We do not provide calorie information.

We invite guests to be consciously aware as they practice natural nurturing: low salt, low sugar, & low dairy lifestyles.