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New to Mountains Of Hope?

How Mountains of Hope Works

Mountains of Hope is more than just a wellness "hotel". It's a place that can change your life forever. Here’s how to plan your stay with us so that you can leave deeply renewed.

Work with a member of our guest experience team to receive a complimentary consultation and create a personalized stay experience.


What's Your Goal?

Your journey to personal transformation at Mountains of Hope begins with a moment of reflection—what are your aspirations for your stay? Whether you are seeking to rejuvenate your spirit, enhance your physical well-being, find emotional balance, or simply break away from the stressors of daily life, understanding your goals is the first step towards a customized and fulfilling experience.

If you’re looking for a bit more guidance, our Interactive Wellness Quiz can help clarify your goals and ensure that your stay is aligned with what you most need.

Call us at +1 (510) 919-4024 for more personalized support or if you would like to receive a stay consultation.


Choose Your Dates & Room Type

Once you have clarity on why you want to visit Mountains of Hope, selecting the perfect room is key to enhancing your experience. Each of our uniquely themed rooms is designed with your comfort and wellness in mind. Explore our options to find the space that resonates with your needs and personal healing journey. Choose from our 4 different room types:

Presidential Suite – Experience unparalleled luxury in our exclusive Presidential King Room. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains from your private patio, and indulge in the spacious elegance of the largest suite on the property.

Single King Suite -Immerse yourself in the healing energies of our Chakra-themed Single King Rooms, each meticulously designed to resonate with one of the key chakras, enhancing your spiritual and physical well-being during your stay.

Double Queen Suite -Discover comfort and tranquility in our themed Double Queen Rooms, each uniquely designed to align with one of the four classical elements: Water, Aether, Earth, and Air.

Single Queen Suite – Discover the nurturing essence of our Chakra-themed Single Queen Rooms, Heart & Root, each crafted to enhance your stay with healing energies and comfort.


Explore The Property

Here, every element, from the soothing scents of our gardens to the therapeutic treatments in our wellness center, is aligned with one goal: to heal, uplift, and inspire.

View our complete gallery of the property, surrounding location, and wellness therapies


Pre-Stay Planning

Everything from what to pack to how to get here. Our guide ensures you’re perfectly prepared for your Mountains of Hope experience.

To see the things we’re asked most often, explore our FAQs

See our Plan Your Stay Guide to prepare for an entirely personalized stay.

If you still have more questions, visit our Contact Us to find additional support to prepare for your visit.

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