The facility.
The daily schedule.
Testing prior to
and during.

Week one.

Physical detox

Solid food vacation

Juice fasting

Infrared saunas, nutrition, juicing, physical movement classes

Every guest has their own personal advocate.

We establish healing protocols that make life richer, deeper, make you better, stronger, and become something that you can continue to do when you get home.

A solid food vacation, or juice feasting.

We grow our own vegetables and fruits on property. From farm to your glass every morning.

Our first week is really about detoxing the physical body, a transformation of your old life into a brand new way of living.

When we detox our physical bodies, we vibrate at a higher frequency to get ready to heal our minds and souls.

Week two.

Rewiring of neural pathways

Cleaning of emotional wounds

We get into the neural pathways of the mind and learn how all of it works, erasing ones that cause bad habits and don’t serve us and creating new ones.

We will work with some of the most profound spiritual teachers in the world, to heal emotional wounds and show you how to heal, and get them out of your life, to be free and lift heavy burdens.

We bring in ancient healing practices
Our retreat ends with a graduation ceremony; fun, music, laughter, love, embracing compassion and connecting and getting ready to leave and return home.