Are you feeling stuck in life? Do you want to take your transformation to the next level? Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience? If so, come join us on our Mountains of Hope journey!

This once-in-a-lifetime wellness retreat will take you deep into the magical beauty of the Andes Mountains, where you will be able to discover yourself, connect with nature and experience an emotional and spiritual renewal.

In our retreats we combine physical activities such as hiking, yoga and meditation with group exercises that allow for a deep personal exploration. We also provide nutritional guidance to help you detox and shed the toxins of everyday life. We are proud to offer this amazing opportunity outside of the US, as it allows travelers to disconnect from their daily lives while being immersed in a different culture.

At Mountains of Hope, we know that transformation can only happen when one is ready to take action. That’s why we have created a safe space for travelers to explore all aspects of their lives and make changes that can last forever.

Here is our story…

A journey of self-discovery and renewal amidst the magical beauty of the Andes Mountains…

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of Colombia, there was a magical retreat center called Mountains of Hope. The lush greenery and the breathtaking Andes Mountains welcomed all who entered with open arms.

One day, a group of individuals came seeking transformation and rejuvenation. They were tired of their mundane routines and craved a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them. As they entered the retreat center, they were greeted by warm smiles and a fresh glass of locally-sourced juice.

Each day, they woke up to the sweet sound of chirping birds and the fresh mountain breeze. They began their day with a peaceful yoga practice and a nourishing juice that awakened their senses and revitalized their bodies. Throughout the day, they participated in workshops and activities that allowed them to reconnect with their inner wisdom and release any negative emotions or limiting beliefs that held them back.

As the sun set behind the mountains, the group gathered around the fire, sharing stories and insights from their day. The plant-based meals nourished their bodies, while the conversations nourished their souls.

Day by day, the individuals began to shed their old selves, and a newfound sense of clarity and purpose emerged. They discovered the power of mindfulness, creative expression, and self-reflection. They learned to let go of their fears and embrace their true selves. They learned they could manifest their deepest dreams and make them a reality in their

What happens at Mountains of Hope?

Unlock new levels of inner strength as you take a journey within… Where your health and soul are transformed through our holistic five- pronged approach. Detoxify body, mind, and heart with an empowering mix of cleansing rituals, educational activities, and fun movements that will bring profound peace to all parts within you. This is a retreat of true healing unlike any other ever seen, that will make this experience the deepest cleansing and cellular regeneration of your life.


Our protocols aim to make life more rewarding, simpler and give you the tools you need to keep up your journey even when back home. Think of it as a juice-laden oasis where we cultivate our own fruits and veggies right onsite! In Week One, kick-start this transformation by detoxing not only your body but also elevating spiritually – leaving behind old habits as we break through higher frequencies with soulful healing techniques.


Get ready to embark on an enlightening and empowering journey with some of the most esteemed spiritual teachers in the world! Our retreat will not only help you release any emotional wounds, it’ll free your spirit from heavy burdens. To top off this transformational getaway, we end our time together celebrating each other’s accomplishments at a fun-filled graduation ceremony enveloped by compassion and love.


A long, deep meditation, a spiritual experience in Colombia unlike any other, with a great transformation that takes place. Your body will already be detoxed and rid of everything toxic from week 1, your heart open and your mind clear, so you will be ready to take on this ceremony and connect to a higher power.

Spiritual practices take place this night: this can range from meditation and temazcal to plant medicine.

Our retreat ends with a graduation ceremony; fun, music, laughter, love, embracing compassion, connecting and getting ready to leave and return home.

Our Location

Located in Medellín, Colombia, the City of Eternal Spring, in a 20 acre piece of property equipped with everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Only a 3-hour flight away from Miami, and once you arrive, just a 15-minute ride to Mountains of Hope.

At Mountains of Hope, we offer a unique experience for individuals who are looking to embark on an enlightening and empowering journey. Our holistic five-pronged approach helps detoxify body, mind, and heart through cleansing rituals, educational activities, fun movements, plant-medicine ceremonies and more! We invite you to join us in our magical oasis nestled in the Andes mountains, where your health and soul can be transformed with new levels of inner strength. If this sounds like something that interests you, then don’t wait – visit our website today to pre-register for one of our upcoming retreats or contact us directly if you have any questions. Let us help guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and renewal!