Ancient Eastern Healing meets Modern Western Research

A unique and powerful 5-pronged approach to total health and transformation of the body, mind, heart and soul. We believe all aspects of health are interconnected; so our retreat takes a holistic approach to healing the body. Through 21 days of physical detox, education, physical activity, spirituality, and play, your body will experience a cleansing rejuvenation like never before.

The Detox

We begin with the first of the 5-pronged approach, The Detox. Everything will be customized for each client depending on their individual needs. Each client will work with our team to look at their goals both short and long-term and then a plan will be developed to provide the most effective treatment.

This area will be supervised by an in-house doctor who will decide in close communication with the client if a water fast, juice fast, raw food diet or a Gerson-style cooked plant based diet will best support their needs. They will work together to get the appropriate vitamins and supplements through IVS based on the diet chosen with each guest. The purpose is to detox the body and get the best nutrients that each client needs based on test results, needs, and deficiencies in the body.

We do this because the body uses 50% of its energy digesting food. The less food  you ingest, the more energy your body has to clean out toxicity, such as parasites, worms, heavy metals, candida etc. At the same time we give each guest the vitamins and minerals that their body is lacking. Thus, allowing the body to be clean and with the proper nutrients  to support the healing process.

When we feel good, we do good. We feel better, we do better. That’s what health is all about. We want people that are healthier, thriving, not just surviving.

Daily Education

The second area of our 5-prong approach to transformational health is education. During the three weeks there will be 30 hours of education on topics such as Law of Attraction, epigenetics, neural science, sleep disorders, limiting beliefs of the mind and how to create empowering beliefs, meditation practices, breath work, healing emotional wounds, nutrition, circle of life, how to eat properly and how to read labels of food. 

During the education portion of the retreat there are a few things happening;  1, learning and 2, we’re keeping you busy, keeping your mind off the physical detox,  3, we’re getting you excited and inspired about your individual path of healing, and finally, falling madly in love with yourself and your future.

With the education component we treat the entire being; body, mind, heart and soul.

Physical Activity

Motion is medicine. Our daily exercise component will include an exercise class along with a gym and a personal trainer. With our physical approach our guests will learn how to move without pain and injuries.  This aids in the body’s ability to heal from the inflammation they had before coming to our facility.  We are going to teach the smartest workout for each guest individually as well as the most efficient way to recover after the movement.


We have a Spiritual Director on-site to support each client in creating the spiritual component of their retreat. There will be yoga, meditation, breath work, sweat lodge ceremonies, and plant medicine ceremonies. we’re going to do things like a sweat lodge experience. We hope that you  experience ceremonies that are so powerful that your heart will open to love and complete acceptance of your healing journey.

Daily Dose of fun

Pickleball tournaments, chipping and putting on a golf course, volleyball, just to to name a few. Touring Medellín, the Lake District, golfing, horseback riding, hiking.. But have fun. Life is supposed to be fun. And the more energy we have, the more fun we can have. So, we’re looking forward to a lot of fun and Mountains of Hope.

Important FAQ

Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions

Why is the retreat 22 days?
It takes 22 days to break a habit and create a new one. Not only are we goind to do that but, we’re going create new neural pathways. We’re going to erase all those limiting beliefs, all the beliefs that don’t serve you, and we’re going to input new neural pathways that serve you, that bring you health, that bring you love and that bring you purpose.
How many people will attend the retreat?
Up to 15 people will attend each retreat. The beautiful thing, the thing that excites me the most is 2 or 3 of those people will be women that came to us via the Love From Margot Foundation, a nonprofit based in the United States. They’ll be attend as our guests. These are women below the poverty line, with a recent cancer diagnosis, who want to try a natural approach to healing.
How often will a retreat be hosted?

There will be 10 21-day retreats in 2022, with the  1st retreat in January.

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